Saturday, 29 September 2012

“When the sky is blue, it is natural to envision the beauty of creation. When witnessing to the joy of thousands of young people gathered in Your name is contagious force of faith. When we look at a newborn we see the miracle of life. But clouds may be black, the crowd can become frightening and a very sick baby can shatter lives ... This morning, I ask for a little Manuel, who struggle to survive. I ask for his parents and all his family. United around him, suspended by pain, need to rediscover the blue sky, the strength of so many who pray, the beauty of all lives. Even beyond the suffering that cannot be explained, that is not understood. This morning, I ask You hope that asks nothing, all trusts.” In Morning Prayer

Friday, 28 September 2012

Translation (from portuguese): This light endures my prayer! Pic taken in Catholic Sanctuary Notre Dame de Lourdes" in France.
Each one of us has a unique breath of life inside and that makes us precious. Even the less fortunate of us has inside a spark of light, his own soul! So we are unique and beautiful! Let's try to see not just our shallow appearances and seek the deepness of our souls. What marvellous things will we find?

A wonderer in this great place called Earth

A wonderer in this great place called Earth
Bringing you a new blog with the sole purpose of marvelling us with the beautiful essence of the Human being...